#68, Yele Bademosi – On people, startups and funding in Africa, pt 2

This is the second part of my conversation with Yele Bademosi, you can listen to the first part of this conversation in the last episode of this podcast series. Apart from being the founding partner at Microtraction, Yele is also the founder and CEO of Bundle a social application for cash and cryptocurrency transactions. Yele is the first person I go-to for any question I have on blockchain and cryptocurrency.

In this episode, Yele and I discussed his previous role as a director at Binance LB and his highly optimistic views on blockchain and cryptocurrency in Africa. We also discussed his thought on credit and other alternative funding instruments for tech startups apart from equity. I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did.

In this episode we discussed;

  • How economic development in Africa is like telephone technology
  • Capital formation, advantages of blockchain technology and how value is created through crypt(12:54)
  • The role of credit in the African tech startup ecosystem (18:59)
  • How to build an organization; learning from the Binance Model (28:15)


  • Credit is taking a bet on the future
  • Culture is important, but organization structure is as important

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