#53, Lessons from leading multinational corporations in Africa. Uche Ofodile

Uche Ofodile is the CEO of MTN Liberia.

Uche has extensive expertise in building businesses in emerging markets. Before her role in Liberia, she was the CMO of Vodafone Ghana.

In this position, she was instrumental in the transformation of Vodafone Ghana from a struggling business, with deteriorating market share, into the country’s #2 telecommunications provider.

Uche is somebody you can call a fixer. Uche was recruited to serve as CEO of Tigo DRC and transform the business.

In 18 months, she rebuilt the business strategy, ignited 20% year-over-year growth, positioned the company for rapid market share gains, and revitalized the workforce through strategic cultural and diversity programs.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The institutional, cultural and economic barriers for a woman to become c-level executives in Africa
  • How are women rising against this challenge?
  • The impact of more women being educated and going to school
  • How technology is accelerating the empowerment of women
  • The importance of the opportunities women get to lead companies
  • The difficulty of being a CEO as a woman with a family
  • Why did Uche move to Nigeria from America?
  • How did she cope with the transitioning?
  • The big shift in internet marketing and how you can be a part of it
  • The importance of partnering with other businesses to reach new markets
  • What are the challenges faces Telco operations in Africa?
  • How do you understand and use customer experience to your advantage?
  • The Telcos plan to expand the ecosystem. How do they seek to do this?
  • Tips on leading an organization that operates in multiple countries.
  • And more

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