Episode 27, How we raised $250k before building our product. Catherine Luckhoff, founder at NicheStreem

Catherine Luckhoff is a serial entrepreneur.

She founded her first business as a fourth-year undergraduate. Her wide-ranging business acumen consists of business development, mobile, big data, music, startups and innovation in Africa.

She now runs NicheStreem, an end-to-end solution for anyone including content owners, artists and music enthusiasts who want to launch their own audio/music streaming service.

Catherine and her team raised 250,000$ in 5 days without a product. They are currently finishing a funding round which will bring the total of funds raised to $1.5million

In today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • Catherine took a gap year after high school. She thinks everyone should take a gap year before going on to the university. Why does she think? What purpose does this serve?
  • Running a service business has its pros and cons. Catherine had to move on from her first business because it was heavily reliant on her personal relationships with the businesses. Why? What effect do these relationships have on businesses?
  • Nichestreem is currently dealing with a challenge. Users loathe paying with credit cards. Why is this a problem? How has this affected the growth of the business? How is it being solved?
  • Catherine has two big dreams for her business. One. She wants to work with the Nigerian gospel stream…why? Find out what the second stream is
  • Catherine has one key to building a great startup, what is it?
  • How did her business raise $250,000 in five days based on just a concept?
  • Her biggest business pain point is funding. Why?

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