Episode 32, Making it easy for everyone to invest. Razaq Ahmed, Co-Founder at CowryWise

Razaq Ahmed is the co-founder and CEO of CowryWise, an automated savings platform.

CowryWise aims to make savings worthwhile for everyone by making it simple to do and highly rewarding.

Razaq has one of the most interesting stories in the Nigerian ecosystem. His family narrowly escaped death while they were living in the northern part of Nigeria.

They relocated to the south and that gave him the opportunity to attend the university – something he probably wouldn’t have done if he had stayed in the north because he was learning to repair generators.

Razaq graduated with a first-class degree in Economics from Obafemi Awolowo University and is also a CFA Charter holder.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why the definition of success should be relative and different. Success means different things to people. How do you define what success is to you?
  • Getting caught in a tribal crisis as a 14-year-old must be difficult. How did Razaq deal with it?
  • The best experience he had as a student at the university was outside the classroom. What did he mean by that
  • He was learning to repair generators while in secondary school. When he moved to the south, he decided to move to the university. What influenced him?
  • “I felt very bad because I wasn’t very used to rejection” What did Razaq mean by this?
  • Why is it hard for FinTech companies to fit into the current regulatory framework? What is the solution?
  • Corporate governance is important to the longevity of businesses. Why?
  • Trust is CowryWise’s biggest pain point. What does this mean for the business?
  • What is your view about private universities and federal universities? Dotun and Razaq had a bit of discussion on the topic. Find out what they think in this episode
  • And more

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