Episode 36, Why the best need luck. Raphael Afaedor, CEO at Supermart.ng

Raphael Afaedor is the CEO and co-founder of Supermart.ng, an online store for groceries and everyday home amenities.

He is a graduate of the Harvard Business School and a former CEO at Jumia. He set up Supermart.ng shortly after leaving Jumia.

Raphael touches on what’s fundamental when putting a founding team together. According to him, friendship is not enough. Professionalism, values, exit conditions and many other factors are to be considered.


In this podcast, you will learn:

  • The importance of luck when running a business and why even the best need a little dose of it.
  • Why investors deserve to be adequately compensated for taking chances on businesses and providing the much needed capital
  • Why Raphael considers himself to be a Pan-African and what it means to him?
  • Raphael attended Harvard Business School but had not interest in taking up paid job. Find out how this education helped him in his entrepreneurial pursuit
  • Why Raphael chose to start Jumia in Nigeria. What were the reasons behind this decision? Did it matter on the long run?
  • Why did Raphael choose to go into e-commerce? What was the attraction to the industry?
  • How do you attract and reach out to investors like Rocket Internet?
  • And more

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