#18 Making it easier for Africans to publish and read their own stories – Okechukwu Ofili, Founder at Okadabooks,

Okechukwu Ofili is the co-founder and CEO of Okadabooks, a book reading and publishing platform that has powered over 14,000 books, 137,000 readers and a million book downloads.

They have bootstrapped their startup for the past three years and are now in the process of raising money from investors.

Okadabooks has gone on to become one of the biggest digital publishing site in Africa for authors.

In Today’s Episode, you will learn:

  • How the idea for Okadabooks was born out of Okechukwu’s frustration.  Learn about his personal experience with book distributors who owed him N1.5m from sales of books and how he decided to do something about it.
  • How Okechukwu and his partner bootstrapped their business for three years with their personal funds and how they psychologically prepared themselves to stop funding the business.
  • How and why did Okechukwu take a meeting in the toilet? Why does he believe “if you want something bad enough, you have to find it? No excuses?
  • Why Okechukwu believes the “Mark Zuckerberg story” doesn’t work for everybody? How has he dealt with his own peculiar situation? How did he position himself to run a full-time job and run his startup as a side hustle at the same time? How did Okechukwu split his time?
  • What does Okechukwu feel is the most effective way of getting a CTO? What are you wrong? What is the right tactic to adopt? How did Okechukwu combine all these to get his CTO?
  • Why it is important for businesses to know their sticky points. How was Okadabooks able to find out what made their customers stay? What tips can you pick from his experience?

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