#69, Nnena Nkongho- Startup valuation, capital allocation and returns expectations in Africa

My guest today is Nnena. Nnena is a Principal at Digame Investment, a growth capital investment firm that back tech-enabled businesses in Africa. Their portfolio companies include GetSmarter an online education company based in Cape Town and London that work some of the top global universities to offer premium online short courses to working professionals around the world. GetSmarter was acquired by 2U in 2017 for $103m, demonstrating that the possibilities of a successful exit.

Time stamp

(1:25) Nnena’s entrance to the world of Venture capital

(03:34) How her past experiences is shaping her current work

(04:28) Understand the reason she moved back to Africa after time spent around the world

 (07:17) Her personal African thesis 

(09:40) What happens in the African business ecosystem Post COVID

(14:48) How to allocate capital effectively

(19:10) The likely changes caused by COVID in the business ecosystem

(24:40) What to do as a founder of Startup

(27:18) The businesses that are most likely to succeed in the post COVID world in Africa 


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