Episode 007 Kola Aina, Ventures Platform, How to build a platform for accelerating the next generation of entrepreneurs in Africa


Kola is the founder of Ventures Platform, an early-stage fund and startup accelerator for founders across Africa. Within a year, Kola and his team have invested in over 20 startups through the programme.

Kola bootstrapped his original business, Emerging Platform from idea to a significant success by mixing a healthy dose of risks with grit.

I met Kola last year, and we seem to immediately connect due to our shared belief in entrepreneurship as a viable way to accelerate growth potentials in Africa.

He recently wrote a piece on what he learnt from investing in 21 startups in 2 years.

On the show,  we discussed his journey to entrepreneurship from grad school to running a family business and starting Emerging Platforms. Kola also provides some insight into the kinds of businesses Ventures Platform would accept into its accelerator program.

On This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Important lessons about being a serial entrepreneur he learned from his father who took big risks bootstrapping several businesses with a family in tow.
  • How to sell your product to big clients through ‘proof-of-concept’ sales pitch
  • Handing a family business over to another family member may not necessarily be the best thing for the business.
  • How productising your service business can significantly transform your revenue and make it more predictable.
  • And much more

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