#17, Why we initially turned down VC funding and bootstrapped to $1 million in revenue – Kendall Ananyi, Co-founder wifi.com.ng


“Always provide a fantastic service”

On today’s episode, we have Kendall Ananyi, co-founder of Tizeti which operates as Wifi.com.ng

Wifi.com.ng provides unlimited uncapped internet to users for less than $25 per month.

Kendall has an interesting story.

He has studied as an engineer and has worked with ExxonMobil, Microsoft, and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

He started Wifi.com.ng in order to solve a personal problem. He wanted unlimited and fast internet.

He was told by experts that the idea wasn’t going to work. He was resisted by few people. He had big competition along the way. And he turned turn down $1m funding from a VC because the terms weren’t right.

He then bootstrapped to a significant revenue before getting into Y Combinator accelerator programme.


On this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What the original idea for the business was and how they started wifi.com.ng
  • How to go after and actualize an audacious goal
  • Why several people told them the idea wasn’t going to work and what they did
  • That wifi.com.ng was a side hustle and that Kendall had a full-time job
  • How to turn a personal problem into a business opportunity
  • Why competition is not bad for you
  • How to identify your unique selling point
  • How they bootstrapped their company to massive revenue
  • Why they turned down $1m VC funding
  • How they got into Y Combinator
  • Why they launched as Wifi.com.ng instead of Tizeti
  • The lessons they learned from YC
  • The next challenge Kendall intends to solve after Wifi.com.ng
  • And more

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