#49 (Part 1) Building an on-demand platform for African content, Jason Njoku, IrokoTV

Jason Njoku is the co-founder at IrokoTv, a web platform that provides paid-for Nigerian films on-demand. It is one of Africa’s first mainstream online movie streaming websites, giving instant access to over 5,000 Nollywood film titles.

Jason is who you can refer to as a serial entrepreneur. With several failed businesses under his belt, he went ahead to create what is largely regarded as the “Netflix of Africa”

Jason founded IrokoTv alongside his friend and then flatmate, Bastian Gotter. See Bastian’s interview on IrokoTv here.

This episode is the first of 2-part conversation I had with Jason at his office in Lagos, as part of the mini-series on African video on demand platform.


In this episode you’ll learn:

  • About the early beginnings of IrokoTv and what brought about the idea
  • The moment Jason realized he was unemployable and set out to run his own businesses
  • About his struggles growing up and keeping himself n the university.
  • How he became independent as a student
  • The different businesses he tried and why they failed
  • How his investment in hotels.ng helped shape the business
  • Jason made one of the classic mistakes first-time entrepreneurs make. He built a platform before finding out if people wanted the product or not.
  • The importance of company culture
  • The initial revenue model of IrokoTV
  • How were they able to compete with the thriving piracy market on Nollywood movies?
  • Why they raised money even though they were making a lot of money
  • How they spent the $3million they got from Tiger Global in 5 months
  • And more.

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