Episode 21, Gaming is the “new golf” CEOs play over drinks- Paul Ziem, founder at NerdCore

Paul Ziem is the founder and CEO of NerdCore, a digital entertainment studio poised to make very entertaining games, comics and other related products and services.

Paul is of the opinion that gaming can change the African narrative. By the kinds of games developed, the story lines, the characters we can tell our stories and share our uniqueness with the rest of the world.

According to Paul,  gaming is the “new golf” CEOs play over drinks.

In today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why did Paul move into gaming? What did his childhood have to do with it?
  • Why Paul believes he has had more profound experience from video games than from books and movies?
  • Are people already gamers without thinking about it? Why does Paul think so?
  • What makes a really good game? Why does Paul believe a good game has to make you question yourself as a person?
  • What does Paul mean by “gaming is a scalable distraction?”
  • Why did Paul decide to set up his own gaming studio?
  • Paul was a student of accounting before dropping out. Why did he make the decision? How easy was it for him?
  • How is NerdCore monetized? How do they make their money?
  • What is their biggest pain point?
  • And more


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