#65, Why generating capital is important for African startups. Dustin Winder, Akili VC

Dustyn Winder is the co-founder and managing partner at Akili.Vc

Akili is a pre-seed to Series A fund tailored for Africa. Their philosophy is based on the belief that there are very interesting problems that are often difficult for entrepreneurs to execute on, whether because they are hidden inside corporations, neglected in disaffected communities, or in geographies that present different challenges than traditional startup markets.

Thus they are bringing the Prehype model (an organization Akili spun out of)  to Africa to help finance African entrepreneurs solving African problems.

Prehype is a venture development firm that focuses on building products and companies through collaboration with corporations and venture capitalists.

Dustyn has lived in Kampala, Uganda for 10 years and has immense love for Africa as well as big hopes for the African tech ecosystem.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why Akili is more focused on generating capital than raising money.
  • Does their approach limit them to the types of businesses they go into?
  • What is the importance of portfolio construction?
  • How they manage venture and corporate funds.
  • The reason behind the decision to Invest majorly in east Africa.
  • What is distinctive and differentiative about their thesis?
  • Why are they in Africa?
  • The Technicalities of raising money from corporates.
  • How to manage the investor/investee relationship.
  • What is Dustyn’s opinion on Exits?
  • Their plans for 2019 and how it will create opportunities for other investors.
  • An introduction to corporate venture.
  • And more

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