How Cecil Nutakor went from exam failures to building a company that is innovating the way students learn in Africa – Cecil Nutakor, eCampus


“No matter the rules, delivery is key”

On today’s episode of Building the Future, we have Cecil Nutakor, Founder of eCampus.

eCampus literally puts the classroom in your palms, giving you the power and control to self learn and explore at your own pace.

Cecil is using technology to disrupt self-paced education in Africa.

Cecil has an interesting story. He failed his senior secondary school certificate exams… thrice.

He was written off as a failure.

But he believed the system had failed him. So he set out to prove this. He learnt how to write software programmes, and built a learning management system application.

That application got him a scholarship and a job at a University in Ghana. And he then built a business on the back of that.

He is innovating the education system…. He is making it easier for others that might have ‘failed’ because of the system.

On this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How he built his first computer from scratch
  • How failing SSCE exams three times inspired him to build eCampus
  • The MVP when they first started back in 2003
  • How he won two scholarships through E-campus.
  • Why he dropped out of his first scholarship and how he won the second one.
  • How he self-taught himself to code.
  • About the challenges and bottlenecks in reforming the existing educational system
  • How the brain learns and how best you can take advantage of it
  • How he got his accreditation for a course he created titled “open source technology program” while still a student.
  • Winning the education startup of the year and the Singularity University Global Impact Challenge (April 2017)
  • And more


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