We have come to the end of Building The Future Podcast Season 2!

Its been a great pleasure to do this. To have conversations with interesting, smart and awesome people who are shaping the future of Africa.

This show has been one of the most exciting things I’ve done as an entrepreneur. It’s fun and I get to learn from a lot of people.


We’ve now come to the end of season 2.

And I want to take this time to reflect on some of the lessons I learned in the conversations I’ve had.

I will be touching on 4 of them.

These not all the lessons learned in this season, its a snippet. It’s my reflection of some of the things that stood out for me.

And I’m sure you may have a longer list than me.

I’m grateful to the entrepreneurs and thought leaders who shared their stories with me.

I’m also grateful to the British Council in Nigeria for partnering with us in season 2. Their financial support went a long way in making this season a success. So many thanks to Tomi Soyinka and Maria Williams from the council.

Season 3 starts on July 30th. So see you then!

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