Episode 003: Tayo Bamiduro- solving hyperlocal logistic problems for eCommerce in Africa

“The way Africa will leapfrog into the first-world status is using technology”

Tayo Bamiduro is the co-founder of Max.ng. He is an interesting guy….  and I’ve got lots of time for him.

I understand his business. My first startup was trying to solve a similar problem. Max.ng is a hyperlocal, on-demand delivery service based in Lagos, Nigeria. Max.ng aims to tackle Lagos’ notorious logistics problem (traffic) using proprietary geotagging technology and also help reduce the youth unemployment rate in the city.

So about 50% of MAX’s Delivery Champions are below the age of 30. And they aim to create 500+ more jobs this year.

Since launching in 2015, Tayo and his team have been up to a lot of good! They acquired a food startup, Easy Appetite and also founded Max.Go, Nigeria’s first motorcycle transport app.

The Max.ng team was the first African team to be admitted into the Techstars startup accelerator programme in New York, and they raised a funding round of almost US$1 million afterwards. 

They were named runner-up at the TechCrunch Startup Battlefield event in London and named as part of the “Top 12 Global Inclusive Growth Idea” by the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the Harvard Center for International Development.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn…

  • How to gather a team around your vision and product
  • How Max.ng is solving a big problem and doing social good in the process by employing internally displaced people from Chibok
  • About being a real hustler… the founders learnt how to ride a motorbike in order to validate their business hypotheses
  • Why they turned down Plug and Play accelerator programme in New York
  • That raising money is not a walk in the park… Tayo pitched to over 100 investors and got less than 10 to invest
  • How to get the right kind of people to work with you
  • About Innovative companies solving Africa’s deep-seated problems

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