Episode 30, She quit her job and built an online marketplace across multiple cities. Aisha Pandor, Co-Founder at SweepSouth

Aisha Pandor is the co-founder and CEO of SweepSouth.

An online platform for booking, managing and paying for home cleaning services

Sweepsouth is the first South African startup to be accepted into 500 Startups.

Aisha did not start out as an entrepreneur, she is a scientist who completed her PhD in Human Genetics at the University of Cape Town.

In 2016, Forbes Africa featured her as a top African millennial.



In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What growing up with parents who were deeply involved in the anti-apartheid struggle was like. Her family had to move to Botswana on exile before returning back to South Africa.
  • Aisha was part of the first crop of black students to go to an all-white school. How did that shape her?
  • She recalls the times she had breakfast with Nelson Mandela and visited Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s home.
  • She made a move from human genetics to founding a startup. Find out why she made this decision
  • The consequences of doing something that is not impactful
  • Why couldn’t she stand being an employee?
  • How she and her husband quit their jobs at the same time because they weren’t fulfilled as employees. What did they do next?
  • That SweepSouth wasn’t the business they tried to run.  What was it? And why did they make the decision to drop it?
  • How they raised upwards of $1m in three funding rounds
  • And more

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