#64, Why building an online marketplace in Africa is not easy. Adam Grunewald, Lynk

Adam Grunewald is the co-founder and CEO of Lynk, a platform designed to provide technology-based solutions for the massive informal labour sectors in Kenya.

Adam has worked at Google as a project manager on new and emerging projects in the United States and Kenya.

Driven by the urge to create a reliable employment system for manual workers in Kenya,  he created Lynk in late 2015.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Adam’s love for Kenya and how he began living in the country
  • How was Lynk ideated?
  • Why Lynk sticks to a manual vetting process for labour getting on their platform
  • How to ensure a successful match between demand and supply?
  • What is the difference between the Lynk model and an open marketplace?
  • The difference between a horizontal and vertical marketplace
  • What are the three questions you have to answer before building an online marketplace?
  • How to ensure your total addressable market is big enough for scale
  • Dealing with quality control in a lead generation market place
  • How do you minimize platform leakages?
  • How does Lynk reduce friction for platform users?
  • The disadvantages of scaling prematurely
  • And more

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